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You know you want to get your hands on Helen Flanagan's 2014 calendar after seeing the previews

She might not be a classy British babe but when it comes to calendar model hotness, UK reality star Helen Flanagan appears to have her fingers right on the sweet spot. These images of her upcoming 2014 calendar got previewed in the popular mens magazine Nuts recently, showing that the model and sometimes TV personality is getting more and more comfortable with posing in risque manners, including holding onto her own boobs and letting their undersides hang out in a couple of the pics. Earlier in the year the UK FHM named her Britain's Sexiest Woman, although Helen herself suggested that all it took was a great bra to get any woman into sexy waters. The 23-year old also gave advice on what was not sexy by saying, "It's never sexy trying to be someone that you’re not." I guess she's a half-nekkid model with bleached blonde hair. I can live with that.