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Han Yifei 韩一菲 From Beijing, China

Name: Loky Han Yifei 韩一菲
Date of Birth: Jun 10, 1985
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Measurements: 34 25 36
About: Loky Han Yifei 韩一菲 is a model and actress from Jilin and claimed as one of the beauties from the Beijing Film Academy (北京电影学院). Han Yifei was also awarded for the Runner Up prize of 2010 World Cup Soccer Babes and is going to film the hit TV series like Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (雪山飞狐). In August 30, 2010, Yi Jianlian (易建联) led Chinese National Basketball team to its first victory at the basketball world championship in Turkey with his outstanding performance. Therefore, Han Yifei shot a set of almost half-naked photos to cheer for the win. Han Yifei also announced that if the team advances to the second round from the group, she is willing to pose fully nude for them.

Han Yifei's declaration of nudity caused an uproar while some accused her of copying Paraguay Breast God, Larissa Riquelme's publicity stunt. With the will power of Han Yifei, China National Basketball team magically passed the first World Championship round. Attention on Han Yifei to undress skyrocketed and there were even netizens rushing to the front gate of Beijing Film Academy holding signs calling for Han Yifei to act in good faith and fulfill her promise.